Hello everyone! Welcome to That’s My Makeup! My name is Yolanda Mendez Reeves. I live in beautiful Southern California. I studied Makeup Artistry in Hollywood for a year. I learned about theater, high fashion, beauty and special effects makeup. After completing my year in school I graduated and I became a certified makeup artist and after freelancing for a couple years I realized that my passion went beyond applying makeup.

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I wanted to teach what I learned and share my favorite beauty products with fellow beauty lovers. So, I created That’s My Makeup. A beauty blog where I can share my love for lipsticks, eye shadows, fake eye lashes and well I can go on and on but I am assuming you are getting the picture. Right? 🙂 I love makeup and sharing information!  On my blog you will find product reviews, first impressions, beauty tips and well basically anything that involves beauty! This blog also gives me an excuse to try almost any product out there without looking like a crazy person or a shopaholic.
P.S I am a very nice person. Do not let my serious face fool you! 😉
                        XoXo – Yolanda Mendez Reeves
                                       -Creator of That’s My Makeup