Makeup Bag On The Go!

Hello Beauties! You read the title correctly. Makeup bag on the go! This is the makeup up bag that’s ready to hit the road anytime, although you may want your full makeup bag with you[…]

Skin care: Origns Clear Improvement

Hello beauties, I have another skin care post for you guys! 😊 Here’s a little product info for you guys.   BRAND: Orgins PRICE: $17.00 for 1 fl BEST FOR: Normal, Oily, and Dry. *Use with[…]

SkinCare: Removing Makeup

Hello Beauties, Makeup is awesome. You can enhance your looks, and a little color. Makeup transforms us and makes us feel beautiful. A lot of the times the focus is on applying makeup and we[…]

How do I get a good makeup pic?

Hello Beauties, How do I get a good makeup pic? Seriously, I have asked myself this question a million times. Well maybe not a million but several for sure! My sister and I have discussed[…]

My Favorite Beauty Products

Hello Beauties, I wanted to share my fave beauty products And why I love them with you guys! 🙂 Suave Kids Detangler Swirlberry Why? I have very fine and thin hair so it’s extremely easy[…]

My First Experience with Acrylic Nails.

Hello Everyone! So, today I decided to blog about my first experience with  acrylic nails  I am 26yrs old and I hadn’t ever gotten fake nails until a couple of months ago. I will admit[…]

Eye lash maintenance

Hello Makeup & Eyelash lovers! I am sure most of you know that false lashes make you feel like a million bucks.  I mean who doesn’t like or love them? I think we can all[…]

Palette organization

Hello Makeup Lovers, So sometimes we have a hard time organizing our makeup or it gets a little out of control. I can speak for myself because sometimes I don’t know where to begin organizing[…]

Kat Von D lock it foundation

Hello Makeup Lovers! I purchased Kat Von D’s Lock It Foundation and I absolutely love it! I have been using almost everyday for the last month it’s seriously in my top faves. Continue reading to[…]

Makeup Kit for Beginners!

Hello Makeup Lovers! I remember when I first started to freelance it was very confusing for me to find the information I needed to start a makeup kit. So today I will be writing about[…]