Drug Store and Department Store Makeup

Hello Dolls! We all know there are a ton of products in the makeup world to choose from. We have drug store and department store makeup.  To complicate things even more we don’t know which[…]

Counterfeit Makeup

    Hello dolls, Today’s topic is Counterfeit Makeup! It’s out there and it’s real…real fake that is. It’s a scary thought knowing fake makeup is out there.  Especially now where makeup has gone into full[…]

How do I get a good makeup pic?

Hello Beauties, How do I get a good makeup pic? Seriously, I have asked myself this question a million times. Well maybe not a million but several for sure! My sister and I have discussed[…]

Naked, Naked Basics & The Nudes Palette

Hello Makeup Lovers! I wanted to compare three eyeshadow palettes that look extremely similar. The Nudes Pallette by Maybelline, and Naked and Naked Basics palettes by Urban Decay.  From a glance some colors look almost[…]

Naked3 & The Blushsed Nudes Palette

Hello Makeup Lovers! Today’s topic is Urban Decay’s Naked3 & The Blushsed Nudes Palette.  When you glance at these two products they look extremely similar. So I compared them! Let’s see if The Blushed palette[…]