Drug Store and Department Store Makeup

Hello Dolls! We all know there are a ton of products in the makeup world to choose from. We have drug store and department store makeup.  To complicate things even more we don’t know which[…]

Popular Independent Brands On Instagram

Hello Dolls! Instagram has been a huge platform for independent makeup brands. I am constantly discovering  popular independent brands on Instagram, but the brands that I feel everyone is talking about and their popularity keeps[…]

Counterfeit Makeup

    Hello dolls, Today’s topic is Counterfeit Makeup! It’s out there and it’s real…real fake that is. It’s a scary thought knowing fake makeup is out there.  Especially now where makeup has gone into full[…]

Makeup Bag On The Go!

Hello Beauties! You read the title correctly. Makeup bag on the go! This is the makeup up bag that’s ready to hit the road anytime, although you may want your full makeup bag with you[…]

Bold Lips

Hello Beauties! Bold lips, I love them very much. Now I’m not talking about a bright pink or red lip color. I am talking about Orange, Turquoise, and Black just to name a few colors.[…]

How do I get a good makeup pic?

Hello Beauties, How do I get a good makeup pic? Seriously, I have asked myself this question a million times. Well maybe not a million but several for sure! My sister and I have discussed[…]

My Favorite Beauty Products

Hello Beauties, I wanted to share my fave beauty products And why I love them with you guys! 🙂 Suave Kids Detangler Swirlberry Why? I have very fine and thin hair so it’s extremely easy[…]

Lip Care

Hello Beauties, If you like using lip pencils, lipsticks, lip gloss or any of those amazing lip products out there you know that afterwards your lips need a little T.L.C and I don’t mean the[…]