Katy Perry CoverGirl Collection Review

Hello Dolls!

Its time for a product review on Katy Perrys CoverGirl Collection. The collection includes lipstick and mascaras. I will be reviewing 3 lipsticks and one Mascara.

Price for the lipsticks & mascara $6.99-$10.99

*Prices vary from store to store*

Pigmentation: Lipsticks and Mascara (Black) both  give off a decent amount of color. Lipsticks are supposed to be matte but leave off a glossy finish so that was a bit disappointing.

Longevity: Lipsticks last about 1-3 hours and then you have to reapply.

Packaging: Packaging is simple. 

Quality:  I wore Katy Kouture lipstick and my lips were dry within in a couple of hours. So its safe to day I wasn’t too impressed with the quality.CoverGirl


I felt like these products were mediocre. I like both CoverGirl and Katy Perry but this collab didn’t deliver the goods like I thought it would. The lipsticks like I mentioned aren’t matte. They were creamy and didn’t dry to a matte finish. The masacra was probably the only product I was satisfied with. It worked like any other mascara. The products weren’t the best or worst of quality.  Would I recommend them? Probably not.  If you are a Katy Perry fan and wish to support her then go for it. If not spend your money on other drugstore products that will work better or equally for less money.Overall rating from 1 being the very worst rating possible to 5 being the best! I give it 💄💄1/2 lipsticks out of 5 possible lipsticks💄.


Please comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on the Katy Perry and CoverGirl collab.


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