Life after Acrylic Nails

Hello dolls!

Who isn’t using acrylic nails nowin days? Everyone is! I will admit social media influenced me to get my first set of acrylic nails, but what happens after you’re fed up and well let’s face it miss using your fingers like a normal person with no limitations. Yup, I am talking about life after acrylic nails. When the fake nails come off and you are left with damaged, thin and sensitive nails.☹️



Below is a list of what I do to get my nails into shape.

  1.  I trim and file only to shape. I  limit nail filing and buffing because at this point my nails are weak and sensitive it’s best to let them be at their natural state no matter how unpleasant they look.

2. I  allow my nails to breath and heal for a couple of days. No polish of any kind on my nails.

3.  After they have had some resting  days I apply a top coat to help give them a little shine, and cuticle cream.

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Its its as simple as that. After a couple of days you can go ahead and paint your nails. I prefer not to because I want my nails to heal and feel the best way to let it happen is naturally. I just make sure they are presentable💁🏽. Please comment and let me know what you do do to restore damaged nails.


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