Makeup Gurus You need to know!

Hello Makeup Lovers!

I made a list of Makeup gurus you need to know! With social media there are a lot of Makeup gurus and well let’s be honest sometimes we miss out on some because there are just too many to keep up with. So here’s a list of people you need to keep on an eye out for!

1. Jeffree Star started making Makeup tutorials on YouTube recently and I must say I love them! They are so entertaining they are a must! If you didn’t know about Jeffree Star well now you know and trust me you will thank me. Follow @jeffreestar ⭐️ on Instagram.Jeffree Star

2.Ellarie is not only beautiful but talented. Posting mini tutorials on Instagram this is one social media beauty you do not want to miss. Her Instagram alone will give you makeup ideas for days! Follow @ellarie on Instagram.



3. Auroa is a  Mexican Beauty that has a YouTube channel in Spanish and an amazing Instagram page with beautiful looks and tutorials. Follow @auroramakeup on Instagram.


4. Lou Flores is a makeup artist and a makeup guru showing tutorials on models and on himself, the spotlight is shared on his page often posting other artist and makeup memes. Follow @lou_flores on Instagram.

Lou Flores

5. Goar Avetisyan is not only an amazing Makeup Artist!  She’s an insriptation at 22 years old this beauty owns her own beauty salon in Russia and has 2.4 million followers and her following is just growing by the day! Follow @goar_avetisyan on Instagram.

Goar Avetisyan

6. Vladamua post beautiful and precise makeup looks from eye looks to lip art. Everything on her Instagram account is stunning and perfection. If you don’t follow her then you need to look her up and add her. You will not be disappointed. Follow @vladamua on Instagram.Vladamua

7. Color Du Jour this Houston Beauty is a Makeup Artist and creates beautiful looks on herself and on clients. She is also a makeup educator. Follow @colordujour on Instagram.Color Du Jour

Last but not least be sure to Follow on Instagram for awesome makeup pictures!

That's My Makeup

If you don’t follow these accounts on Instagram you really should. They all amazing and beautiful accounts to look at. Please comment below what are some of your favorite Makeup Artist, YouTubers and Instagrammers.

XoXo- That’s My Makeup

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