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Today’s topic is  makeup hashtags for social media! They are super important for anyone on social media who wants to get exposure and use their networking skills a little bit better, but not all of us understand what certain hashtags mean. I didn’t and had to do a little bit of research myself to figure out what some of the popular hashtags were and what they meant. Below is a list of twelve hashtags and what they mean.


Fleek– Looks amazing, pretty, awesome.

MUA– Stands for Makeup Artist.

Bblog–   Beauty Blog, a blog that posts content related to makeup, skincare, hair anything that involves the beauty industry.

Vlog– Video Blog. The video can be about a trip, makeup haul, special event.

MOTD– Stands for Makeup of the day. A hashtag used to showcase a full face of makeup. It can either be for  the day, night or special event.

MOTN–   A hashtag that stands for Makeup of the night. It is used on night and more dramatic looks. Heavier makeup is usually found with this hashtag.

LOFTD– Look of the day. This hashtag can be both for makeup or an outfit look.

LOFTN– Look of the night. This hashtag can be used for both a night makeup and or outfit.

FOTD– Face of the day. Usually includes a full face of makeup. From foundation to eye shadow, lipstick, false lashes. Either a simple look or dramatic look can be found with this hashtag.

FOTN– Face of the night. Full face of makeup.

EOTD– Eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lash look.

EOTN– Eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lash look for the night.

These are just 12 of the never ending list of hashtags. If they are used properly you can get noticed by brands and get more likes if that is your goal on Instagram or Twitter is. Social Media has launched careers for plenty of people so don’t be afraid and use them. Everyone else is doing it. If  you have any hashtags that are beauty related and you would to share them comment below.

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