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Hello Makeup Lovers!

I wanted to help makeup lovers who love shopping for makeup of course with some beneficial info. Now although I can’t give each and everyone of you a discount ..which trust me I would love to! Here’s a list of companies that do and don’t offer discounts to Pro artist.


  1. M.A.C Cosmetics

This cosmetic line does offer a discount 40% for Pro Artist & 30% for all other professions such as cosmetologist, nail tech, hair stylist etc. Students

2. NYX 

Discount: 30% Is given to working professionals, free lancers, students and licensed cosmetologist

 Requirements  for  non- certified  pro’s, freelancers and students

  • 2 professional tear sheets dated within the last yr. Your name must be present on the tears sheets.
  • Proof of current enrollment at a artistry school
  • Copy of  a current agency comp card/proof of agency representation/


3. SmashBox

Discount: 20% or 40%

We require 2 of the following, plus a COPY OF PHOTO ID:

  • Valid union card
  • Copy of a current agency comp card/proof of agency representation
  • Copy of your business card
  • 2 professional tear sheets that include your name within the last year



4. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Discount: 35%

Requirements for anyone applying

  •  State/federal ID
  • Professional Website
  •  Magazine and tear sheet with name and credit
  • Union Card
  • IMBD Credit
  • Call sheet on production letter head


5. Urban Decay

Discount: 40% Is the discount rate that Urban Decay gives to  a working makeup artist or a makeup artistry student.

Requirements Pro MUA                                                                            Requirements for a Makeup Artistry Student

  • 1.Copy of your drivers license or a state/federal I.D                                  . Copy of your drivers license or state or federal photo ID.
  • 2.Proof of the following Pro license                                                                .  Proof of current enrollment at a licensed school of makeup artistry     
  • Editorial page with credit and name on it.
  • Crew or call list on production
  • Pro License -Cosmetology
  • Union Card
  • Link to website
  • Business Card
  • Professional letter reference

You can either submit the requirements online, email or via snail mail.

6. TooFaced

Discount: 0%

No discount rate and no signs of one either.


7. Kat Von D Beauty


I honestly I was surprised to find out that Kat Von D doesn’t offer a discount. Most major brands do offer some sort of discount. I did look up their FAQ and they did write that something was in the works! I hope so because Kat Von D Beauty has awesome products and their Instagram is awesome.


8. Becca

 Discount: 0%

No discount rate and no signs of one either.


9. Estée Lauder

Discount: Point system

So they don’t offer a discount but they do offer a loyalist reward program where you accumulate points and eventually get a full free sized product and 20% off a purchase. These details might change with time for please check regularl.


10. Benefit Cosmetics

Discount: 40% on all products & 15% on services

Requirements for everyone 

One of the following                               OR                    Two of the following

  • Union Card                                                             . Composite Card
  • Professional license                                               . Business Card
  • Publication                                                              . Editorial Page with name and credit and contract and link to pr site and or a letter professional reference


















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