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Instagram has been a huge platform for independent makeup brands. I am constantly discovering  popular independent brands on Instagram, but the brands that I feel everyone is talking about and their popularity keeps on growing are the five listed below.

  1. Morphe  has 3 million followers on Instagram. This brand carries eye shadow palettes, brushes, accessories such as makeup belts for those Pro’s out there. All with reasonable prices. I think that is why this brand has grown so much because it really is affordable for everyone.

    Morphe Brushes
    Photo Courtesy of Instagram

2. Lime Crime with  2.2 millions they sell lipsticks,  eye shadows and liquid liners. If you love unicorns this is the brand for you!


Lime Crime
Photo Courtesy of Instagram

3. Jeffree Star cosmetics & Melt Cosmetics both have 2.1 million followers! Although they share the same amount of followers one thing they do not  share is what type of products they sell.  Melt focuses more on lipsticks and pressed eye shadows. While Jeffree Star Cosmetics  has liquid lipsticks, pressed eye shadows,highlighters, and lip scrubs.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Melt Cosmetics
Photo Courtesy of Instagram

4. Dose of colors with 1.8 million followers. Dose of colors cosmetics includes highlighters, eye shadows, lashes. Liquid, creamy and glossy lipsticks. Last but not least brushes and highlighters!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Photo Courtesy of Instagram

5. Makeup Geek with 1.7 million followers. This brand really focuses on the eyes and the face. They sell brushes, eye shadows both pressed & loose eye,glitter, eyeliner and fake lashes. M.G also tutorials on their website which is awesome! Not only can you purchase their products but detailed tutorials on how to use their products is available.

Makeup Geek Instagram
Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Please comment below and let me know what brands you are following and what products you love from them! I love trying new brands!


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